SpaceX Falcon 9 launches South Korea's Anasis-2 military satellite

South Korea to launch first military communications satellite

How to watch SpaceX launch a South Korean armed service satellite right now

South Korea is expected to launch its first military exclusive communications satellite, Anasis-II, aboard a reused SpaceX Falcon 9 from the Kennedy Space Centre in Florida. The company will be using the same Falcon 9 booster that sent astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley to space on the Crew Dragon spacecraft for NASA.

After the rocket's nine Merlin engines pass an automated health check, hold-down clamps will release the Falcon 9 booster for liftoff from pad 39A.

The launch will take place from SLC-40 at the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida.

In the past, geostationary communications satellites made up the bulk of SpaceX's commercial launch manifest, but ANASIS-II will be SpaceX's first GTO mission of 2020. It's especially impressive when you consider that the first time this first stage was used, it was for what is easily SpaceX's most critical launch to date - the first carrying actual human beings on board. South Korea launched a similar satellite in 2013, but it didn't deploy properly and was lost, said Kaitlyn Johnson, associate director at non-profit Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington, D.C.

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This time interval would not only break SpaceX's earlier turnaround document by a couple of months, it would also split the history turnaround for any orbital rocket.

The payload is ANASIS-II, a dedicated military communications satellite (South Korea's first), which the nation will use to help safeguard its national security.

The forecast suggests afternoon thunderstorms will be inland by the time the launch window opens, but the Cape could still see showers close to the launch site that could bring either thick clouds or lightning. In 1985, ahead of the house shuttle Challenger accident induced NASA to gradual its initiatives to refurbish the shuttle in between flights, Atlantis returned to space just 54 days right after landing, marking the shortest time involving orbiter reuse.

SpaceX is a little bit behind schedule at the moment, and today's launch was originally slated for last week. But SpaceX declared it was pushing back again blast-off "to choose a nearer appear at the 2nd stage, swap components if wanted" just a working day just before launch. It normally starts streaming all-around 15 minutes prior to start. One minute before liftoff, Falcon 9's onboard computers startup, taking control of the countdown and beginning to pressurize propellant tanks to flight pressures.

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