Moderna COVID-19 vaccine to enter final stage trials on July 27

Russia's Sechenov University Successfully Completes Trials of World's 1st COVID-19 Vaccine

Covaxine: Volunteers selected, human trials of India’s first COVID-19 vaccine begin at AIIMS Patna

"Zydus has already manufactured clinical GMP batches of the vaccine candidate and plans to initiate the clinical trials in July 2020 across multiple sites in India in over 1000 subjects", the company said.

Hence, celebrating it as the world's holy grail may be premature at this moment. It is one of at least four potential COVID-19 vaccines that have the backing of Operation Warp Speed, a federal government initiative to speed up the development of countermeasures against the virus.

Coronavirus vaccines under development are not guaranteed to work, and people who raise hopes of developing a vaccine before year-end are doing a "grave disservice to the public", Merck & Co Inc's chief said, according to a Harvard Business Review report. AIIMS Patna is among the top institutes selected for the job and the hospital is going to choose 18 volunteers best suited for the trial.

Smolyarchuk was quoted by the news agency as saying: "The research has been completed and it proved that the vaccine is safe".

"In the pre-clinical phase, the vaccine was found to elicit a strong immune response in multiple animal species like mice, rats, guinea pigs and rabbits".

This suggests that the Russian vaccine has only completed Phase-1 of the human trials. In June, the university entered into a partnership with CSL, an Australian biotech company, as well as the worldwide organisation spearheading the global approach to finding a vaccine, Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI), in order to produce the millions of doses that would be required.

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China's SinoVac is also at Phase 2. Russian Federation has also fast-tracked a vaccine which is in the second phase of tests, which are expected to last until 28 July.

He called the early results "a good first step", and is optimistic that final testing could deliver answers about whether it's really safe and effective by the beginning of next year. The trial will also look at the vaccine's safety.

"This research is indeed included in the landscape of candidate vaccines compiled and followed by World Health Organization", the spokesperson said. These moderate side effects were experienced by volunteers who received high doses of the vaccine.

The country didn't release information on when the vaccine would enter commercial production or distribution. The vaccine is further submitted for licensing and manufacturing.

The whole world, including Zimbabwe, have been gripped with the Coronavirus.

"None of us are safe unless all of us are safe", said Dr. Angela Rasmussen, a virologist at Columbia University in NY.

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