Man who crashed gate where Trudeau lives facing 22 charges

Canadian Armed Forces member arrested after breaching Trudeau’s estate

Rideau Hall suspect facing 22 charges | CTV News

RCMP Deputy Commissioner Mike Duheme said a bail hearing has been scheduled for Friday morning, and the accused will face multiple charges.

At the brief court appearance, which happened by phone due to limited in-person court proceedings during the COVID-19 pandemic, Hurren sounded calm as he said his full name and date of birth.

"While an RCMP member began dialogue with the suspect, the RCMP National Division Emergency Response Team was also dispatched and arrived shortly after 7 a.m.", the RCMP said in a statement.

Trudeau was not home at the time.

The RCMP says a Canadian Armed Forces reservist is facing 22 charges after a security breach at Rideau Hall Thursday morning.

Duheme said police have some idea of the motive for the events but will not speak about it publicly yet because of the ongoing investigation. The RCMP has said Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his family, as well as the Governor General, were not on site at the time of the incident.

The male suspect remains in custody and is being interviewed, although police say they will not be releasing his identity as "charges are pending".

Mr Trudeau was not at home when the incident occurred at the entrance to the Ottawa estate on Thursday morning. He hid there for three minutes before then continuing along footpaths to the greenhouses that are attached to the back of the Governor General's residence itself. Police earlier identified the suspect as a member of Canada's armed forces.

Canadian Armed Forces member arrested after breaching Trudeau’s estate
Armed Canadian man arrested after driving truck through gates near PM Trudeau's Ottawa residence

Around 6:40 a.m., commissionaires allegedly spotted the man on the path, gun in hand.

Police rushed to the scene and the man surrendered peacefully.

Then at 6:45 a.m. officers tried to engage him in a discussion but he didn't respond until nearly 10 minutes later.

Duheme said he couldn't comment on what he was doing before this or why he came to Ottawa.

Trudeau and his family have also lived in Rideau Cottage, which is located on the grounds of Rideau Hall, since he became prime minister.

Duheme confirmed that the man was armed with "several weapons" and declined to provide specifics, though he later made repeated references to a rifle.

What the man's motivations were is not being revealed by the RCMP at this time, and it's unclear what kind of weapons he was in possession of.

"Once it was reported to us, we took action and acted swiftly", Duheme said.

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