Apple Unveils New CarKey Feature To Unlock Your Vehicle Using Your Phone

Apple demonstrated the new feature on Monday at WWDC

Apple Unveils New CarKey Feature To Unlock Your Vehicle Using Your Phone

The world's leading American company Apple will soon introduce a feature called CarKey on its iOS software.

At the World Wide Developer Conference, Apple introduced a feature that will allow you to unlock your vehicle using just your Apple iPhone.

And he believes that the humble auto key, which in new cars can take the shape of your vehicle, or even feature a display of its own, can still be further improved. They were also the first to offer wireless CarPlay and now the first to implement support for BMW Digital Key, which will be securely stored in the Apple Wallet for iPhone. These options can be accessed from inside the auto or through Apple Wallet. It's part of iOS 14 and will allow users to unlock their auto via their iPhone, provided the vehicle has the correct compatibility. They will then be able to automatically start it by placing your iPhone in a special smartphone tray and pressing the engine start button.

Apple is reportedly planning to stick to 4G variants for its upcoming iPhone 12 series despite the fact it is venturing into 5G-enabled models this year.

CUPERTINO-At the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference held Monday, the company best known for its iPod and iPhone devices said it wants the latter to replace the ubiquitous vehicle key.

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Once you've paired your iPhone or Apple Watch with a vehicle that supports the digital auto keys, you need to hold your Apple device near the door handle, or any other an NFC reader that's in your vehicle.

We've heard Apple is looking to put out a 5G iPhone this year, but it also seems the company is still going to put out 4G iPhone 12 units as well, and we've just heard some information regarding how much the phones will cost. An iPhone could remain in a driver's pocket or bag.

CarKey also lets an owner share the digital key with other people through a message.

In May, an industry group, the Car Connectivity Consortium, announced a standardized way to store digital keys.

The technology will be available on a broad range of models: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, X5, X6, X7, X5M, X6M and Z4 if manufactured after July 1st 2020.

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