There are conflicting reports on Major League Baseball and MLBPA’s ongoing negotiations

Just days after saying that there was a 100% chance of playing baseball this season MLB commissioner Rob Manfred reversed course on Monday. Seth Wenig | AP file

Report: MLB Owners Want Ads on Uniforms Right Now

The MLB commissioner Rob Manfred rejected the new 70-game restarting plan proposed by the Major League Baseball Players Association on Thursday, rebooking the soap opera of when the suspended top baseball league will come back for a new season.

Major League Baseball Players Association chief director Tony Clark.

If they can't pull off such a simple tweak, it only shows their overwhelming greed and their unwillingness to work with the players - which was already obvious when they backtracked on their initial agreement in March to dole out prorated salaries that created this whole mess.

Ironically, the once romanticized McGuire-Sosa battle ultimately came to symbolize one of baseball's most infamous periods known as the Steroid Era. The commissioner finally offered to pay the players their full prorated salaries, something they had decline to offer until now.

The owners' proposals have been on a steady decline - from 82 games to 76, to 72 just four days ago, and now 60 - while the players started at 114, and their last proposal, made a week ago, was 89. Clark, on the other hand, said that there were "significant issues" with Manfred's recommendations and that no tentative agreement had been reached.

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It isn't beyond reason to believe that team owners and players will eventually meet in the middle for a regular-season schedule that consists of 65 games or so. The 2020 season has yet to commence, but it wasn't player-owner differences that initially delayed Opening Day.

Manfred, conversely, said he thought the "jointly developed framework" that he referred to coming out of the meeting was not a new floor for renegotiation. "At several points in time, I went back to the list of issues with Tony and reviewed where we were, and I did that again at the end of the meeting". Both the players and owners are seeking to secure a favorable percentage of money in a shortened season.

The players union has complained that the league is attempting to play the fewest number of games possible.

If you're into a good conspiracy theory like I am, the evidence laid before us suggests that Wednesday's reports were fueled by the owners to make the union look like the bad guys in these negotiations.

Manfred stated at the beginning of the week that he was no longer 100% confident there would be professional baseball in the USA this year, backtracking on last week's assertion that there was a 100% chance of players hitting the field for games.

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