Twitter labels Trump tweet about `racist baby` as `manipulated`

White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany

White House press secretary Kayleigh Mc Enany

Then it cuts to other footage from the original video of the boys excitedly running to each other and hugging, which formed the basis of the original CNN story, before showing the message, "America is not the problem".

Before Facebook acted on the complaint, it had already racked up 4 million views.

"Yesterday, a doctored version of a video that belongs to one of Jukin Media's video partners was posted to Twitter by President Trump", the company said in a statement to Variety.

Twitter also put a warning for users on another tweet he posted during the Black Lives Matter protests in the U.S., where the President invoked the civil rights era phrase "when the looting starts, the shooting starts".

After the video was flagged as "manipulated media", a CNN spokesperson told Insider the media outlet doesn't condone Trump's tweet. Beside CNN's reproduced logo, a false, misspelled chyron declares "TERRIFIED TODLER RUNS FROM RACIST BABY".

The video then purports to show "what really happened" before switching to footage of the children greeting each other with a friendly embrace.

As of writing this, the version of the video that Trump tweeted had nearly 16 million views, and has been retweeted more than 180,000 times.

Mr Trump responded by signing an executive purchase that seeks to curb the prolonged-standing legal protections of social media companies.

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In other words, it looks like Trump's tweet containing the altered media was created to lend credence to his frequent claim that CNN churns out "fake news".

The father of the Black toddler, Michael Cisneros, posted the video on Facebook urging others to share.

CNN's communications team replied to the president's latest tweet, saying: "CNN did cover this story - exactly as it happened".

Twitter twice flagged Trump tweets over the past month. The clip's creator may have been aiming for satire rather than explicitly trying to spread disinformation, but many of Trump's followers did not realize that the video was falsely altered.

In May, the firm placed fact-checking labels on two tweets from the president's personal account which made claims about fraud in United States postal voting, as well as hiding a post about protests in the city of Minneapolis after Mr Floyd's death. The "Washington Post" according to the Clip to a umgewidmetes and manipulated Video that had spread to 2019 viral.

Separately, on Thursday, Facebook pulled Trump 2020 campaign ads with Nazi symbols from the service for violating its policy banning "organised hate".

The president tweeted a doctored video of two young children with a fake CNN headline on Thursday. It was, you know, I just - I could not believe what we were watching.

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