Solar eclipse wows stargazers in Africa, Asia, Middle East

Five things to know about the ring of fire solar eclipse on Sunday

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In India, the point of maximum duration was at 12.10 pm local time (6.40 GMT) over the state of Uttarkhand close to the Sino-India border.

The phenomenon is called an annular eclipse or ring of fire where the moon passes between the Earth and the Sun, leaving just a thin ring of light visible.

As the solar eclipse will last for nearly three and a half hours, the sacred programme at the temple is divided into six halves. It was followed by Gwadar, where the moon covered 97 per cent of the sun by 10:48am.

One may recall that when the Total Solar Eclipse occurred on 16 February 1980, the situation was altogether different from today's scenario.

It is the first solar eclipse of this year takes place on the summer solstice, which is the longest day in the Northern Hemisphere. The space scientists have also zeroed in on the lucky locations where the solar eclipse will appear in its ring of fire avatar. This time people preferred to come out and experienced the excitement of watching the solar eclipse live, although by following social distancing and precautionary measures.

Bengalureans can witness a partial solar eclipse, which will last for a little over three hours, on Sunday. According to the director of Karachi University's Science and Technology Department, the eclipse was only visible in its complete form in a few cities around the world.

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A partial solar eclipse is seen over the sky of New Dehli, as the moon blocks the sun, forming a "ring of fire" to amaze skygazers.

From South India, an eclipse magnitude of 0.30 to 0.70 will be visible.

The eclipse is not safe to be viewed directly or through a telescope and an appropriate filter should be used for viewing.

Beginning from 9.15 am, the solar eclipse will be visible till 3.04 pm.

There is another eclipse at the end of this year but it won't be visible in Pakistan. It was visible in Asia, Africa and Australia.

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