Pakistan to witness partial lunar eclipse tonight

Full Moon

June's full moon is called the Strawberry Moon

Despite its name, the Moon will retain its creamy colour - but experts believe it could be more visible than usual. The areas in darker blue will have clearer skies. According to NASA, the moon will still be full from early Sunday morning, June 7. That's because, in North America, the name comes from Native American Algonquin tribes. The celestial event was also known as the rose moon in Europe, it adds.

A good time to try to catch it will be at moonrise, when it can sometimes appear to be bigger and take on an amber tint. And that's the way it went all year long - each full moon had a name based on what people saw around them.

Spring has officially sprung by the time May arrives, and flowers and colourful blooms dot the landscape.

NASA reported that the moon's exact moment of fullness will take place at 21:12 South African Standard Time (SAST), or 19:12 UTC and 15:12 EDT.

The next full moon will appear in July 5 and it'll be called Buck Moon. The Earth's shadow is only able to block some of the Sun's light, so only a small part of the Moon is darkened. You might think the Moon would disappear from view at this point but this is typically not the case.

As a result, some of the sun's light is stopped from reaching the moon. This results in the Moon's usual bright white hue transforming into a deep blood orange. The dimming effect won't be as a dramatic as a total eclipse and will be hard to detect for the casual watcher staring up at the sky. The total duration of the eclipse is three hours and 18 minutes. The second penumbral lunar eclipse will be visible in Asia, Australia, Europe and Africa.

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One of the three kinds of eclipse, the other two being partial and total, it occurs when the outer shadow of the Earth falls on the moon.

Does this well-known phrase have anything to do with the Moon?

According to The Old Farmer 's Almanac, this full moon was their warning to pick wild strawberry. In 2020, there are 13 full moon phases.

When will June 2020 full moon occur? In 2019, May's Flower Moon was a seasonal blue moon.

When is the next full moon?

Your best chance will come tonight and tomorrow night. Anyone on the night side of the moon can witness the eclipse. Most years, there are 12 full moons with one each month.

Lunar Eclipse 2020 Live Updates: Everything to know about penumbral eclipse. People across the world will be able to watch the full moon, however, for several countries in the Eastern Hemisphere (including India), the full moon on Friday will showcase a penumbral lunar eclipse. Well you've probably spotted a supermoon. This creates a faint effect that you won't notice until the moon is halfway in the Earth's penumbra.

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