National Basketball Association planning for 22 teams to resume play July 31

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Top 22-teams to resume NBA competition under proposal

The NBA's Board of Governors requires a three-fourths passage of the 30 teams on a plan, but there is an expectation among owners that they will fall into line and overwhelmingly approve the commissioner's recommendation, sources said.

The NBA is set to get back underway from July 31 at Disney World in Orlando.

Update #1, 2:29 PM: The NBA is expected to continue with its existing schedule, Vince Goodwill of Yahoo Sports reports. If the eighth and ninth teams were separated by more than four games, the eighth seed would advance to the playoffs.

A 9-seed would need to win two straight play-in games against the 8-seed in order to make the playoffs under this format, whereas the 8-seed would only have to win one game to clinch a postseason berth. The plan also includes a play-in tournament, which will rope in six more teams than just the 16 who are now in the playoff race. The league doesn't want teams going from March to December - when next season could start - without playing any games. In the West, Memphis, Portland, New Orleans, Sacramento, San Antonio and Phoenix would still have a mathematical chance of earning a spot in a play-in series.

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Under the proposal, which requires a three-quarters majority vote of the league's governors to be adopted, the top seven seeds in each conference would be locked in after the eight regular season games.

As a matter of fact, 13 of those teams will be from the Western Conference, while nine squads will come from the Eastern Conference.

Additional precautions will be put in place to protect personnel, The Athletic reports, these include having athletes shower back at their respective hotel rooms and inactive players viewing the games from in the stands.

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