New Unc0ver jailbreak can jailbreak Apple's iOS 13.5

Major iOS bug is preventing some apps from launching

An early version of iOS 14 has been on the internet for months

The latest tool released by the unc0ver team works for all iPhones that run iOS 11 and above, including the just released iOS 13.5, TechCrunch reported on Saturday.

Even researchers who tested the jailbreak before it was released said that it does work as it was publicized, following some early public reactions to the tool. Here's how to fix it while Apple prepares to patch the issue.

The software tool unlocks all versions of iOS between iOS 11 and the latest version of the mobile operating system, iOS 13.5.

The fact is that Apple made it impossible for iPhone users to customize or personalize it the way Android users normally do, and activists think Apple has put its iPhone users in jail, and any tool created to unlock iPhone models is known as jailbreaking. The theory is that the iOS 13.5 problem where popular apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, YouTube and more refusing to load was being fixed by Apple by republishing the apps. The hacking group claims that it also preserves Apple's user data protections.

Experts advise iPhone users not to jailbreak their phones because it increases the vulnerability of data.

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The code used for the jailbreak and apps in alternative app stores has not been vetted by Apple but the unc0ver team claims existing security layers on iOS are preserved and not removed.

While the new jailbreak leverages an as-yet-unknown zero-day vulnerability, the iPhone maker will likely roll out a security update in the coming weeks to plug the flaw exploited by unc0ver.

It is also possible to jailbreak devices with a Linux distribution but that method requires an Apple developer account. IOS, which is preferred by the software, is among the indispensable people. If true, this would be the first jailbreak to be available for the current version of iOS in more than a few days.

This could have caused Apple to have thrown to the ground all the leaked news in this version that has reached hackers, and what we see next September with the premiere of the new iPhone is totally different, which could even cause some delay.

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