Here's Where You Can Vote in This Year's Primary

As Michigan struggles, Trump eyes new extortion scheme

Trump alleges Nevada's mostly mail primary election is 'illegal,' says Nevada could lose funding should it proceed

"Now, if somebody has to mail it in because they're sick, or by the way because they live in the White House and they have to vote in Florida and they won't be in Florida".

Trump claimed incorrectly, "Michigan sends absentee ballots to 7.7 million people ahead of Primaries and the General Election".

All eligible voters in MI, which is in the middle of a flooding emergency, will be sent an absentee ballot application for the 2020 election.

Trump, a Republican seeking re-election on Nov 3, has urged states to loosen coronavirus-related restrictions so the battered U.S. economy can recover even as public health experts warn that premature relaxation of restrictions could lead to a second wave of infections. "We'll let you know if it's necessary".

Responding to Trump's tweet, Benson reminded the president in a tweet of her own that she "also [has] a name", and that she did not send absentee ballots, but rather the applications for residents to apply for them.

Benson told 7 Action News, "I didn't expect someone with the platform of the presidency would be using that platform to misinform our voters in MI this morning about what we were doing".

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A group of Democratic-affiliated organizations, including the Democratic National Committee, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, and the progressive political nonprofit Priorities USA, had also initially sued against the all-mail primary, though they dropped their legal challenge after Clark County election officials agreed to expand in-person voting sites.

"We will be using those funds to ensure that we're able to securely provide democracy in every election this year", she said after the May election.

Michigan's secretary of state - Democrat Jocelyn Benson - quickly fired back. "Hi! The secretary of state is acting like the governor making these decisions unilaterally with no input".

Continued claims about massive voter fraud may be great for stirring up crowds, but multiple studies have proved that it is virtually nonexistent. She would talk so often about her birth country not allowing its citizens to vote, that as a young boy I wished she would just shut up already. That is the biggest difference. No, if you can, you should go and vote.

As coronavirus cases started increasing and concern mounted in the days before Florida's presidential primary, the state's voters increasingly turned to voting by mail. Automatically sending ballots with pre-paid return postage will cut the red tape, save money, and empower all Michiganders to vote safely in this year's elections. Republicans say it is more susceptible to fraud since voters do not have to appear in person at a polling place.

Trump said it would alarming for ballots to be widely distributed, though side-stepped a reporter's question about several Republican-led states also encouraging remote voting. The secretary of state said the average turnout in local elections during the month of May averaged 12% from 2010-2019.

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