Clash in Hong Kong legislature underscroes deepening rift with Beijing

Pompeo Warns US May Reassess Hong Kong Status After Alleged Attack on Press

China state media: Hong Kong schools have become 'lawless'

Pro-democracy lawmakers and activists in Hong Kong condemned Beijing's latest move and pledged protest action.

Beijing and some Hong Kong officials have frequently flagged the education system as a potential breeding ground for the large-scale pro-democracy protests that roiled the city in the second half of previous year. This time over another controversial bill that seeks to criminalise any insults to the Chinese national anthem. Pro-democracy observers denounced the maneuvers as illegal and tantamount to a coup, since lawmakers who objected to the proceedings were physically removed from the chamber and prevented from voting.

The Chinese foreign ministry's office of the commissioner to Hong Kong said in Mr Pompeo's comments amounted to "blackmailing" the Hong Kong government.

"Make no mistake about it-I foresee that the worldwide status for Hong Kong as a city, an global city will be gone very soon", Kwok continued.

Fighting broke out in Hong Kong's Legislative Council on Monday after a pro-Beijing lawmaker was elected to chair the committee that oversees the presentation of proposed laws. Another pro-democracy rally which is usually held on June 4, the anniversary of the Tiananmen Square protests, has been cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

[U] nder Xi's leadership, the Communist Party has encroached on Hong Kong's autonomy with stunning speed.

Police (R) take part in a clearence operation during a pro-democracy demonstration calling for the city's independence at a mall in Hong Kong on May 16, 2020.

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The renewed push from Beijing to pass a national security law will nearly certainly set off more protests against Beijing's rule in Hong Kong.

The Secretary of State had earlier said he believed China had threatened to interfere with the work of USA journalists in Hong Kong and warned Beijing that any decision threatening the territory's autonomy could affect Washington's assessment.

China's ceremonial parliament will consider a bill that could limit opposition activity in Hong Kong, a spokesperson said Thursday, appearing to confirm speculation that China will sidestep the semi-autonomous territory's own lawmaking body in enacting legislation to crack down on activity Beijing considers subversive. Their unprecedented protests, and the resulting police crackdown, were documented in FRONTLINE's Battle for Hong Kong.

But as per the agreement between mainland China and Hong Kong. The November passed the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act, which requires an annual review of Hong Kong's autonomy to maintain its preferential trade and investment treatments in Washington.

Hong Kong has its own national football team, but not its own anthem - so the Chinese one is played before games.

Late a year ago, President Donald Trump signed legislation in response to the treatment of Hong Kong protesters by Chinese authorities that requires the State Department to annually assess whether the territory's level of autonomy from China justifies its special trade status under USA law. "Carrie Lam will have to live with her conscience", he said.

The law was proposed during the preparatory meeting for the third session of the 13th National People's Congress (NPC). "This is the end of Hong Kong".

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