Trump threatens permanent freeze on World Health Organization funding in 30 days

Report: US to restore partial funding to WHO

Donald Trump says he is considering restoring some funding to WHO

But the WHO's chief critic, the USA administration of President Donald Trump, decried an "apparent attempt to hide this outbreak by at least one member state".

The UNITED STATE might send out 10% of "what we have been paying over many years, matching much lower China payments", Trump composed, calling the strategy "just one of numerous concepts being considered".

The United States greatly appreciate their efforts and transparency.

But Trump said that the World Health Organization had failed its mission when it came to the virus.

With the number of USA coronavirus cases and deaths continuing to go up, Trump eventually pivoted and now routinely criticizes China and the country's handling of the virus during the early days of the outbreak.

Fox News reports with reference to a draft version of the White House letter addressed to WHO Director-General Tedros Adhan Gebreesus.

December 31, 2019, the Chinese government announced the outbreak of pneumonia in Wuhan.

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He said that Chinese leader Xi Jinping reportedly pressured the WHO on January 21 "not to declare the coronavirus outbreak an emergency", and that the WHO only changed course on January 30, when faced with "overwhelming evidence" to declare a "Public Health Emergency of International Concern".

Mr Murray said when somebody usually disrupts anything in the world "they normally give you a gold star", but because the president is going after the world order which "lets China overtake institutions like the WHO, well he's a heretic, he's a disgrace".

Trump also made various accusations against China in the letter including that it tried to block evidence the virus could be transmitted between people, pressed the World Health Organization not to declare it an emergency, refused to share data and samples and denied access to its scientists and facilities.

During a virtual assembly, Tedros acknowledged there had been shortcomings and told the assembly he welcomed calls for a review. "This is very good news", wrote the politician.

It is noted that the United States will be ready to increase funding for WHO only if China increases its funding for this organization.

He accused the organization in severely mismanaging and covering up the spread of the coronavirus. March 11, the world health organization (who) declared the outbreak of the novel coronavirus pandemic.

The letter says the USA would take into account growing funding if China did in order properly.

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