Here's the official Xbox Series X boot-up animation

Xbox Series X Games

Xbox Series X: First Look at New Next-Gen Games, From Dirt 5 to Assassin’s Creed

Call of the Sea was announced on Microsoft's live stream showcasing third party Xbox Series X titles. "More so than the 4K resolution, having the game run at 60fps with a certain visual fidelity is imperative for us as developers". It didn't aim to stagger us with the power of the Series X console, instead we were ploughed away with trailer after trailer which were cut together in such a way that we rarely truly got to see how the games play.

The Boost Mode games, which all release in late November 2020 according to the leaker's tweets, sounds specifically spot on for a winter holiday season PlayStation 5 launch, for example.

Hype surrounding Sony's PlayStation 5 reached fever pitch before its ill-received "The Road to PS5" event back in March, only to leave gamers frustrated and disappointed with the console's no-show. Microsoft developed the device.

Xbox Series X: First Look at New Next-Gen Games, From Dirt 5 to Assassin’s Creed
Scarlet Nexus Game Gets Release for PS5, PS4, PC

Following the reveal of Scorn, developer Ebb Software made a post on Steam addressing concerns regarding the game's exclusivity. Xbox's Aaron Greenberg said on Twitter, "Had we not said anything and just shown the May Inside Xbox show like we did last month, I suspect reactions might have been different". Stay tuned to GameRVW for deep looks at all the new games and other exciting developments in the gaming world. They will only have two weapons which are Pistol and shotgun. Following these announcements, we launched right into the game reveals.

Viewed from a familiar top-down perspective, The Ascent is an ambitious cyberpunk dungeon crawler that can be played in both single-player and co-operatively with friends. Bloober Team are famous for Layers Of Fear and their adaptation of the Blair Witch, so hopefully their supposed Silent Hill successor will continue their hot streak when it comes to psychological terrors.

Although these are not only the two exclusive games. Stay tuned with Dual Pixels as we will have more info before Call of the Sea releases.

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