Trump vetoes resolution limiting military force on iran

Trump vetoes congressional resolution limiting his military authority against Iran

Trump vetoes resolution limiting military force on iran

You may remember a long while ago there was a push for an Iran war powers resolution in Congress, supported by a few Republicans, that passed both in the Senate and the House. Trump promptly vetoed that measure.

The resolution mandates Congressional approval for any military action in Iran. "That starts today with upholding the president's rightful veto of a misguided war powers resolution".

It directs the president to stop using the United States Armed Forces for hostilities against Iran or any part of its government or military, unless explicitly authorised by a declaration of war or an authorisation of military force.

Kaine said in a speech on Thursday that the bill was "not part of a strategy to hurt President Trump". That is incorrect. We live in a hostile world of evolving threats, and the Constitution recognizes that the President must be able to anticipate our adversaries' next moves and take swift and decisive action in response. "That's what I did!"

Calls to pass the legislation came in the wake of the fatal January 3 strike outside Baghdad's global airport that targeted Iranian Maj.

Tensions rose after the Trump administration withdrew from a nuclear deal with Iran led by the Obama administration and reimposed crippling sanctions against Tehran. Last May, the USA sent thousands more troops, including long-range bombers and an aircraft carrier, to the Middle East in response to what it called a growing threat of Iranian attacks on US interests in the region. Ken Buck (R-Colo.), Morgan Griffith (R-Va.) Thomas Massie (R-Ky.), Tom Reed (R-N.Y.), David Schweikert (R-Ariz.) and Fred Upton (R-Mich.) were the Republicans to do so in the U.S. House of Representatives. No Americans were killed, but more than 100 suffered traumatic brain injuries from the blasts.

Soleimani was widely seen as the architect of destabilizing activities by Iran around the world, but Democrats and many experts condemned the decision to kill him as disproportionate and provocative. Some Democrats were unconvinced that the threat posed by Soleimani was imminent or that other alternatives to the killing were pursued in good faith.

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The Senate is scheduled to vote Thursday on whether to override Trump's veto.

Trump said the Iran resolution was based on misunderstandings of facts and the law.

"My Administration has taken strong actions, within statutory authority, to help keep our Nation safe, and I will not approve this resolution, which would undermine my ability to protect American citizens, service members, and interests". Iran responded with missile attacks on two Iraqi bases housing USA forces, with more than 100 American soldiers subsequently treated for traumatic brain injuries.

A March 11 rocket attack in Iraq blamed on Kataib Hezbollah, an Iran-backed Shia militia, also killed USA and British service members at Camp Taji.

The Constitution gives Congress the sole power to declare war.

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