Trump pushes economy reopening, says virus could kill 100K

US President Donald Trump now says his worst-case coronavirus scenario would be 100,000 deaths, but the country will probably reach that grim milestone by next month, according to several scientific models - none of which predict a summertime halt to the virus's spread.

In an assessment that clashes with those of some public health experts, President Trump said he believed that by the end of the year there would be a vaccine against Covid-19.

President Donald Trump was granted a special exemption from federal law in order to hold a Fox News town hall inside the Lincoln Memorial, which is typically prohibited from hosting from special events or demonstrations. "We have to get our schools back".

"We're seeing pretty consistently somewhere between 5,000 to 10,000 deaths a week - there are not a lot of reasons to expect it's going to drop quickly", Reich said. "Given the extraordinary crisis that the American people have endured, and the need for the president to exercise a core governmental function to address the nation about an ongoing public-health crisis", he said, "I am exercising my authority to facilitate the opportunity for the president to conduct this address within the Lincoln Memorial".

"You take a look at Ireland, they make our drugs - everybody makes our drugs except us", he said.

However, Trump stated that he would be happy for another country to beat U.S. researchers.

"He said I'm going to the hospital, I'll call you tomorrow".

"Some people" say the virus could come back, he said, but still, "it will pass".

Coronavirus deaths in the US passed 67,000 on Sunday night, more deaths than the Vietnam War, and more than Trump predicted.

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He said he did not believe he posed a risk to others.

Trump smiled in response, saying, "I'm not sure, but I think I like that question".

He said the economic ties between the United States and Ireland will be "more important than ever as we seek to recover from the COVID-19 crisis".

"It's really a statement about the American people, the way they have been willing to step forward, practice social distancing and wear masks in settings where they can't do that", he said.

Against the grandeur of the Lincoln Memorial, Trump also rambled on about the "impeachment hoax" and whined, "Every enemy I have is put on a Democrat committee".

The Senate plans to reopen on Monday, while the House remains shuttered. And they're China-centric. They agree with China, whatever China wants to do. This fall, American schools and colleges should reopen as planned, the President said. "There is more help coming".

USA public health officials have said a vaccine is probably a year to 18 months away.

While about half of USA states moved towards reopening, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo on Saturday pushed back against what he called "premature demands", saying he knew people were struggling without jobs but that more understanding of the new coronavirus was needed.

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