Cuomo says state antibody rate at 12.3%; 6% in WNY

Andrew Cuomo

New York's Cuomo warns against 'blindly' reopening states

ET reports the New York governor and his brother, CNN anchor Chris Cuomo, were named the "most desirable men" in New York City in a survey conducted by professional matchmaker Maureen Tara Nelson. "The MTA is literally going to disinfect every train". New hospitalisations for the virus remained in the mid-900s for a fourth day, a plateau that Cuomo said he found troubling.

New test results show 12.3 percent of New Yorkers recovered from coronavirus.

The decision was made as NY reported an additional 954 coronavirus cases and 289 deaths.

"We're saying to essential workers, after just hearing how risky the virus is, 'by the way, you have to go to work tomorrow, '" Cuomo said.

This announcement comes two days after Cuomo and NYC mayor Bill de Blasio directed the MTA to shut down all city trains overnight each night so that train cars can be cleaned and disinfected.

The governor hopes this will shed light on how the virus is spreading, if, for example, people who ride the subway are disproportionately represented in new hospitalizations.

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"To make sure the riding public is safe, the best thing you can do is disinfect the whole inside of the vehicle", Cuomo said. Overall in the United States, there were 34,000 new cases on Friday, the highest daily total since April 24.

Meanwhile, Cuomo revealed that the state has expanded its random antibody testing program to 15,000 samples, giving the clearest picture yet as to how many people have been infected and recovered, many without displaying symptoms.

"You do not help the homeless by letting them stay in the subway auto and letting them sleep in a subway vehicle in the middle of the pandemic when they can expose themselves and others, ' Cuomo said".

In New York City, the antibody positive rate was 19.9 percent, with the boroughs ranging from 17.3 percent in Manhattan at the low end, to 27.6 percent in the Bronx at the high end.

The governor also announced the state is distributing $25 million to food banks across the state through the Nourish New York Initiative. "We don't think it's possible to do that in a way that keeps our children safe". The state will make a decision about summer school programming by the end of May. About $2.1 million is set to come to Western New York. "Yesterday was 831. We will watch to see what happens with that", Cuomo said.

ALBANY, NY - MAY 01: New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo speaks during his daily press briefing on May 1, 2020 in Albany, New York.

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