Echo is playable on the Overwatch PTR and her ultimate is nuts

When is the Overwatch Echo hero release date teaser

Overwatch's Newest Hero Is Echo, A Long-Awaited AI Robot

For now, Blizzard's plan is for any further new heroes to arrive once Overwatch 2 has been released.

The video doesn't really say what kind of hero class she'll (it?) be, but I'm guessing the community wouldn't say no to a new support hero rather than another stunner again. As a mobility and escape tool, Echo can also use an ability called Flight that allows her to soar into the air for a few seconds, similar to Pharah.

The Overwatch team has been working diligently as they are working on Overwatch 2, plus new features to the game such as the Experimental card and hero pools.

As of now, all the information we have is Echo's origin story trailer below, with no set release date on when players get their hands on the robot. Designed as one of the flagship heroes of a game that would never see the light of day, she wielded particle beams and shields while augmenting her movements with a speed boost. Overwatch's limitations on AI meant that Echo's capabilities were also limited - she became a multirole adaptive robot programmed to assist in whatever Overwatch needed. Without the scientist, Overwatch was hesitant to keep Echo in operation and placed her in quarantine.

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Ahead of showing off Echo in action, Blizzard revealed some of her character lore with an origin story trailer.

A highly sophisticated omnic AI, Echo has picked up on Dr Liao's mannerisms, speech patterns and even her mission.

How do you think will Echo fit into your Overwatch squad? Yesterday, Overwatch's Twitter account released an image of a log entry by Dr. Mina Liao, an original founding member of Overwatch, and creator of the Athena prototype. We already saw that Echo can adapt to anything surrounding her, which shows in her ultimate ability.

Unfortunately for those wanting tank and support heroes to be here soon, the wait goes on, but at least we know they're coming.

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