China slams Trump for controversial coronavirus tweet

China sees fewer coronavirus cases wary of international travelers

People wearing protective face masks are seen on a crossroads as the country is hit by an outbreak of the novel coronavirus in ShanghaiMore

Last week, following revelations by the director of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that there have been cases of COVID-19 deaths in the US mistakenly identified as influenza-related fatalities, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian suggested that the US military may have brought the new strain of coronavirus to Wuhan.

The US president sent a tweet on Monday describing the coronavirus - which causes the disease Covid-19 - as the "Chinese virus".

In a phone call with China's top diplomat Yang Jiechi, Pompeo relayed "strong United States objections" to China's recent suggestion that the virus could have been brought into the country by the USA military.

President Trump defends using the term "Chinese virus" at the White House's coronavirus press conference.

Trump's tweet has also evoked criticism in the United States, with New York's Mayor Bill de Blasio saying the phrase risked "fuelling more bigotry" against Asian-Americans. The clash came on the day that the World Health Organization said more cases and deaths had been reported in the rest of the world than in China, where the new coronavirus virus was first detected late a year ago.

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Trump indicated that another motive was payback for what he said was China's disinformation campaign blaming the USA military for the virus.

Trump has previously retweeted a supporter who called it a "China virus".

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang accused Secretary of State Mike Pompeo of racism by using the phrase earlier this month, prompting the woke corporate media empire to enthusiastically embrace Chinese messaging to condemn those who call the virus by its name. Iran has reported 16,169 coronavirus cases and 988 deaths in one of the worst national outbreaks outside China, where the pandemic originated.

Pompeo "stressed that this is not the time to spread disinformation and outlandish rumours, but rather a time for all nations to come together to fight this common threat", according to the readout.

President Trump has long accused China of unfair trading practices and intellectual property theft while, in China, there is a perception that the United States is trying to curb its rise as a global economic power. Make public your data! "The U.S. side should immediately correct its mistakes and stop making groundless accusations against China", read the statement.

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