Canada closing border to most non-citizens to slow COVID-19

Canada PM’s wife tests positive for Covid-19

Canada PM’s wife tests positive for Covid-19

He also announced that the border to the country will be closed to people who are not Canadians or permanent residents, with some exceptions, including USA citizens.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has announced that Canada will be shutting the border to non-Canadian citizens, with the exception of, permanent residents, the immediate family members of Canadian citizens, diplomats, air crews, and USA citizens at this time.

"This measure will carve out some designated exceptions including for air crews, diplomats, immediate family members of Canadian citizens, and at this time, USA citizens", said Trudeau.

He said second, airlines will ban anyone who is showing symptoms of the virus from getting on a plane.

Trudeau also confirmed that global flights will only be allowed to travel in and out of four airports.

There will also be new travel restrictions, with only four airports - Toronto, Montreal, Calgary, and Vancouver - accepting worldwide flights.

He said any Canadians now overseas need to return back to Canada, while those now in the country should remain in their homes as much as possible. Trudeau said that the government's priority is to ensure Canadians at home have the ability to purchase food and pay for rent.

Sophie Trudeau tests positive for COVID-19. The Public Health Agency of Canada reported that 13 per cent of those cases required hospitalization.

British Columbia announced three new deaths from the outbreak on Monday afternoon, raising the number of deaths nationwide to 4.

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Sophie Gregoire Trudeau Tests Positive For COVID-19 & Sends Out Hopeful Message
Canada's prime minister has opted to self-isolate after his wife developed flu-like symptoms late Wednesday night. It continues, "She immediately sought medical advice , and is being tested for the COVID-19 virus".

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"They are exceptional circumstances calling for exceptional measures", Trudeau said.

Air operators are now mandated to ban people with symptoms from coming to Canada.

Trade will continue with other countries, Trudeau added.

Trudeau also warned that "all Canadians, as much as possible, should stay home" to help stop the virus from spreading.

Canada's government will also provide a total of $10 billion to aid Canadian businesses impacted by coronavirus.

One reason behind the measures limiting non-Canadian travellers is that there will be fewer people in the first place being processed at airports, he said. Officials say he will announce additional measures when he speaks to reporters at 1 p.m. ET (1700 GMT).

"We are in a fairly critical period", Tam said.

At this time, Trudeau said the measure doesn't apply to U.S. citizens or to flights coming from Mexico and the Caribbean.

As of Sunday, health officials across Canada had recommended that people avoid gatherings of 250 people or more but had not advised retailers to shutter.

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