In crushing blow to Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden scores big MI win

Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden enters a campaign event in Columbus Ohio on Tuesday. Paul Vernon | AP

Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden enters a campaign event in Columbus Ohio on Tuesday. Paul Vernon | AP

A defiant Bernie Sanders has vowed to stay in the Democratic 2020 presidential race, breaking his silence after Joe Biden secured a commanding lead on Tuesday night.

Biden has won the states of Idaho, Michigan, Missouri and Mississippi.

Sanders' loss in a state he won in the 2016 Democratic primary will increase pressure on the democratic socialist USA senator from Vermont to exit the race and help Democrats prepare for a bruising election campaign against Trump. Mike O'Sullivan reports, the two were locked in a tie in Washington State as votes were being counted. The Democrats must better motivate voters to win back MI, a once-blue state that narrowly backed Mr. Trump in 2016. Bernie Sanders stand together during his campaign event at Durham, New Hampshire.

Senator Sanders acknowledged many Democratic voters still believe Mr Biden has the best chance of beating Mr Trump.

'So while we work to pass a Medicare-for-all, single-payer system, the United States government today must make it clear that in the midst of this emergency everyone in our country, regardless of income or where they live, must be able to get the healthcare they need without cost, ' Sanders said.

In Wisconsin, Biden has 55 percent support from likely primary voters compared with Sanders' 39 percent support. Moreover, with 85 percent of the expected vote in, turnout surpassed 2016's levels in the state.

Sanders had attacked Biden for his support for worldwide trade deals like the 1994 North American Free Trade Agreement, which is unpopular in MI where workers say it cost the state jobs.

He also celebrated how his campaign has also been winning "the generational" debate.

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Following a stellar performance at "Super Tuesday" last week, Biden, the former vice president, took a comfortable lead against Sanders, after some disappointing results in the initial states.

Biden was in top form at a Detroit rally on Tuesday when he told a union worker that he was "full of shit" after the man had the temerity to ask a question about his gun control stance.

Despite his recent losses, Sanders said his anti-corporate economic agenda was gaining support from young people, who he called the future of the country.

Sanders' narrow hopes now rest on North Dakota and Washington state.

Sanders cancelled a planned campaign appearance in OH and headed home to Vermont. Biden has seen his support nationally swell as other high-profile candidates suspended their campaigns and endorsed him, including Pete Buttigieg and Sen.

Biden and Sanders cancelled rallies which had been scheduled in Cleveland, Ohio, on Tuesday night and the former vice president announced further cancellations on Wednesday.

"I want to thank Bernie Sanders and his supporters for their tireless energy and their passion". Because in 2016, independent voters voted for Trump not Hillary Clinton.

But Sanders, 78, broke his silence to say he was preparing for his first one-on-one televised debate Sunday "with my friend Joe Biden". She correctly cites the Iowa caucus embarrassment, the impossibly long primary voting lines in California (which still hasn't figured out the delegate division between Sanders and Biden) and Texas, and gingerly blames political reporters for not looking beyond the next news cycle and concentrating on a possible electoral crisis.

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