Winter's Biggest and Brightest Supermoon Will Light Up The Sky Next Week

Full moon in March

The full moon in March is known as the worm moon because of signs the first day of spring

While this won't be the closest supermoon of the year, it's still pretty unbelievable to see especially when it's rising up into the night sky. The full moon is taking place when the moon is closest to the earth, which basically means that the moon will look really bright and big in the sky.

So, this time around it's called the "Worm Moon" - which is just the name given to the first full moon of March - and it should be visible to anyone in the United Kingdom with clear skies from Sunday night until Tuesday. The next supermoon (221,851 miles) will peak on April 8, and a third (224,429 miles) on May 7. March's full moon falls around the spring equinox, so it's been named after the earthworms that can be seen at this time of year in parts of North America, though it's also been known as the Crow Moon or Sap Moon.

A supermoon occurs whenever a Full Moon approaches within 90 percent of its lunar perigee.

They also added the May full moon into the supermoon mix.

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NASA said: "The farthest point in this ellipse is called the apogee and is about 253,000 miles - 405,500km - from Earth on average". That's the strange-sounding nickname some skywatchers are using to describe the full moon that's coming on March 9, 2020.

However, some have a looser definition, saying any full moon that is less than 226,000 miles to our planet can be classified as a supermoon.

Among the other nicknames for the March full moon are the crow moon, crust moon, chaste moon, sap moon and sugar moon, says. The moon will appear full from Sunday to Tuesday night.

We've got a handful of supermoons in early 2020, the number differing depending on which sources you look to for your celestial info. The most distant full moon of the year will come on Halloween. Way back when, full moons were used to track the seasons and for this reason related closely to nature.

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