Top 10 best-selling smartphones in the world

Apple, Samsung dominate smartphone top 10

Apple and Samsung are making it way more affordable to buy their most expensive phones

According to research, the iPhone 11 reported a counterpoint with the second place as the best-selling smartphone in the year 2019.

When companies that sell the most phones in the smart phone market are asked, many people will count companies such as Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi, LG, Huawei in a snap.

In North America (NAM), it was only iPhone XR that managed to pull off a double-digit listing at 12% of market share which is more than twice what any smartphone in any region has sold previous year. iPhone 11 secured 65 while iPhone 8 took 5% of the market share in NAM.

Samsung's Galaxy A50 and Galaxy A10 rounded out the next spots as the third and fourth best selling phones of 2019, respectively.

Smartphone batteries last quite some time, with many of them lasting many years before they need to be replaced, the majority of the smartphones on the market use non removable batteries.

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As can be seen in the graphic, Apple's iPhone XR model constituted three percent of all sales and by far the owner of the leadership seat.

The recent launch of the iPhone 11 has revived the topic, and it seems that the model will make an entry into the market in the near future. Counterpoint has released a report called Market Pulse which names the top 10 smartphones.

On the other hand, Oppo topped the charts in China with the A5 and A9 models and was also boasted the top-selling phone in the Asia Pacific region with its A5s. Note that Huawei is now selling nearly all its smartphones in China after the Huawei Ban imposed by the U.S. government.

When it comes to buying a new smartphone, there are dozens of options available. This is with reference to the research company Omdia reports AppleInsider. The ideal selling phone in Europe was the Galaxy A50, and phones from the collection composed 3 of the top 5 successful mobile phones (Apple's composed the various other 2).

Huawei the second-largest player in the global smartphone sales, although it had no models in the top 10 globally.

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