Democratic presidential candidates court crucial vote ahead of NH primary - young people

Pete Buttigieg holds narrow lead in Iowa as counting nears completion

Iowa caucus: Democratic chairman calls for review of vote totals

With 86% of precincts reporting, Buttigieg, the former mayor of South Bend, Ind., held 27% of the state delegates, followed by Sanders, the Vermont senator, at 25%; Massachusetts Sen.

Biden entered Iowa the clear favorite to win, according to polls, and his current fourth place standing has his campaign on damage control meant to get their movement back on track.

The Sanders campaign on Tuesday afternoon released a statement that didn't quite concede Iowa but did not declare victory either.

Still, speaking to their supporters, the Democratic campaigns aimed to put a positive spin on the caucuses, despite the lack of timely state results.

JOE BIDEN: Hello, hello, hello.

The app was supposed to help streamline the process by reducing the number of phone calls to report caucus results from the state's more than 1,700 precincts.

Meanwhile, Pete Buttigieg and Bernie Sanders are neck and neck in the Iowa Democratic caucuses.

Pete Buttigieg holds narrow lead in Iowa as counting nears completion
Buttigieg takes lead in first Iowa results after presidential caucus chaos

"I am not going to sugarcoat it: We took a gut punch in Iowa", Mr Biden said. Evers said. "To me, that makes sense". Andrew Smith, a pollster and political scientist at the University of New Hampshire, told Newsweek that both states are vital because they provide a "winnowing function" to the field of candidates. They admit Biden was contaminated by fallout from the trial but this won't be enough to seriously derail his campaign for the party's nomination. Following him among those voters is Warren with 21% and Buttigieg with 9%. He says Sanders would drag down other Democratic candidates.

The caucuses do showcase a pure form of democracy, with candidates' supporters in the same room vying for support and voting for their preference for president, from among the candidates. "Well, we're already seeing what Donald Trump is going to do with that". Buttigieg said states like Iowa and New Hampshire force candidates to "actually have human contact" with voters.

Campaign officials say volunteers knocked on tens of thousands of doors last weekend alone and will continue to do so leading up to the February 11 vote. New Hampshire is set to be another tight race, with two candidates who represent neighboring states in the Senate.

The delay was originally blamed on a "coding error" that forced an "investigation", as well as requiring votes to be counted by hand. Bernie Sanders' campaign released their own data and showed Sanders with a heavy lead on his opponents before the official vote totals were released. "It's pathetic", Tim Murtaugh, a campaign spokesman, told Bloomberg.

Precinct chairs across the state experienced problems downloading or logging into the app, one of the ways they were supposed to be able to send the results from their smaller, individual caucuses to the IDP.

Sanders received 8.1 delegates in Marshall County.

"Why don't we just go in the booth and vote?"

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