‘Huawei may avoid using Google Mobile Services again’

Huawei will not use Google’s services in its Android devices even if US lifts the ban

Huawei says it won't return to Google services even if trade ban lifts

So we reached out to Huawei Australia for comment.

During a press conference in Vienna, Huawei Head of Consumer Business Group in Austria, Wang Fei made it known that the company has no plan of going back to using Google Services even if it ever got back its lost license. Smartphones without Google Android apps is business as usual for them. Speaking to German reporters, Fei expressed that Huawei wants to rid of their dependence on USA politics and Google's ecosystem.

This is a sign that Huawei's OS wouldn't be aimed just at the Chinese market, but at all markets worldwide, which would essentially make it the third mobile operating system after Android and iOS.

As GSM Arena interprets the above, it does not mention Google Play Services in any way, shape or form - obfuscation at its best.

However, the world's second-largest smartphone seller may continue to use the open source Android platform. It is ready to spend approx. Update: Huawei Australia weighs in with its own hopes for a Google future.

A temporary licence was issued which allows Google to support and update the Android OS now running on existing Huawei devices. And that point looks as if it has reached a "no return".

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In May 2019, US President Trump removed Huawei of its US supply chain, which, at that time, gives the company a bleak future.

The ongoing saga between the United States and Huawei has taken a rather interesting turn.

But it does put a huge question over AOSP.

On top of that, regardless of the sanctions, Chinese smartphone users haven't had access to the Google Play Store since 2010.

San Francisco, Feb 2 (SocialNews.XYZ) Reiterating the commitment to develop its own ecosystem, a Huawei executive has said that the company may not use Google Mobile Services for its future phones even if a trade ban limiting its use is lifted, the media reported.

Huawei can still use the core Android operating system but cannot include any of the Google Mobile Services. There is a lengthy discussion on that here. Anyways, Harmony OS or whatever, it doesn't matter because majority of those living in the Chinese territory have no need for Google Play Services but those of us living outside of China needs Google Play Services. So, there is a difference between Android and Google's apps suite or GMS which on the other hand has to be licensed for usage.

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