CDC warns coronavirus cases will continue to spread

Philippines Records First Coronavirus Death Outside China

Travel restrictions in place to combat spread of coronavirus

A total of 304 people have died in China, the National Health Commission said on Sunday.

According to the Associated Press, the two-storey, 55,700 square metre Huoshenshan building features doubled-sided cabinets and ventilation systems that essentially quarantine patients, allowing hospital staff to deliver supplies without entering their rooms.

The virus is said to have emerged late a year ago in a Wuhan market illegally trading wildlife. On the same day, the US State Department raised its travel advisory for China.

CNN report that Chinese Premier Li Keqiang has asked the European Union to help China procure medical supplies, as patients and medical staff have also told their reporters of delays in testing for the virus, raising concerns that the outbreak in China may be worse than is now being reported. Macao has also confirmed a new case of the virus, raising the country's total number of cases to 8.

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But 10 days after locking down Wuhan, authorities imposed similar draconian measures on Wenzhou, a coastal city of nine million people in Zhejiang province, part of the eastern industrial heartland that has powered China's economic rise over recent decades.

The US, Australia, New Zealand and Israel have banned foreign nationals from visiting if they have been in China recently, and they have also warned their own citizens against traveling there.

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"The challenge is to trace people who have come from China and we are doing that", said the Minister.

All three patients are said to be in a stable condition and are receiving treatment in the Thrissur, Alappuzha and Kasaragod districts. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Sunday confirmed an additional case in California.

The World Health Organization on Jan 30 declared the accelerating outbreak a global emergency. USA citizens who have been to Hubei Province in the last 14 days will be subject to a mandatory self-quarantine when they arrive back to the United States. Tian said authorities were taking steps to bring in masks from Europe, Japan and the U.S., while the foreign ministry said countries including South Korea, Japan, Kazakhstan and Hungary had donated medical supplies.

With infection cases mounting rapidly, a number of countries have evacuated their citizens from Wuhan.

The other Keralites who returned from Wuhan, the epicentre of coronavirus in China, are being observed closely as they too might have been infected.

At least 2,000 other Indians have now been quarantined across the country in hospitals or in their homes after displaying symptoms of the virus.

"Most countries appreciate and support China's efforts to fight against the novel coronavirus, and we understand and respect them when they adopt or enhance quarantine measures at border entry", Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said.

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