John Kelly Believes John Bolton

WH accuses Bolton of selling

John Bolton expressed 'concerns about Donald Trump's favours for autocrats'

Former White House chief of staff John Kelly says he believes John Bolton's allegation that President Donald Trump told the former national security adviser that U.S. security aid to Ukraine was conditioned on an investigation of the President's political rivals, adding that Bolton should be heard from.

Senator Mike Braun said people are "soul searching" about reports that Bolton spoke with Trump about withholding security aid for Ukraine in exchange for politically motivated investigations.

Top Senate Democrat Chuck Schumer opposed the Republican proposal.

Mr. Trump's defence team, however, side-stepped the Bolton issue as they defended their client in the Senate on Monday. "Here's what the president said in response to that New York Times piece: 'I never told John Bolton that the aid to Ukraine was tied to investigations into Democrats, including the Bidens". Biden is a leading candidate for the Democratic nomination to face Trump.

Trump will not be sleeping easy for the first time in a long time. In his presentation, Starr said impeachment is "hell" and that it's time to bring an end to "the age of impeachment", saying that the proceeding has become politically weaponized.

On Tuesday morning, Dershowitz said it was still unclear whether he would return to the defense table when the trial resumes in the afternoon. The Democrats seek to condition public opinion in preparation for a war between the countries that possess the two largest nuclear arsenals on the planet, a conflict that could destroy the human race.

We'll have more on the impeachment of President Trump after headlines with University of Pennsylvania professor Claire Finkelstein.

Democrats charge that Trump put his own self-interests before that of national security by pressuring Ukraine to investigate his political opponent, former Vice President Joe Biden, and withholding almost $400 million in security assistance to a country at war with Russian Federation.

The lawyers for the defense have presented "a common theme with a dire warning: danger, danger, danger", Trump's attorney Jay Sekulow said Tuesday. One Trump lawyer, Michael Purpura, spent almost an hour making a detailed examination of the evidence presented by the House impeachment managers in order to claim that Trump had never conditioned the release of military aid on Ukraine announcing an investigation into the Bidens.

Bolton’s publisher says there was ‘no coordination’ with New York Times
Trump's team has maintained that the holdup in aid was separate from his requests for an investigation into the Bidens. Democrats quickly highlighted the Times report to bolster their calls for Bolton to testify.

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But with former White House National Security Advisor John Bolton poised to take the scandal in an even more serious direction, the question about firsthand witnesses has obviously been answered.

Defence lawyers turned to Joe Biden, one of the President's leading Democratic rivals as he seeks re-election in November, and Hunter Biden, who sat on the board of Ukrainian energy company Burisma while his father was USA vice-president. The details of this sordid arrangement were not new.

Trump is seeking re-election on November 3. Charles Cooper, Bolton's personal attorney, issued a statement on Sunday declaring that it was "clear" that the leak originated from the National Security Council's Records Management Division. In this context, Bolton is an extraordinarily credible witness. While headlines and media commentary on the matter claimed Trump made the aid conditional, the wording simply communicates Trump's preference rather than an iron-clad quid-pro-quo. "No White House personnel outside NSC have reviewed the manuscript".

For example, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo acknowledged privately that there was no basis to claims by the president's lawyer Rudolph W. Giuliani that the ambassador to Ukraine was corrupt and believed Mr. Giuliani may have been acting on behalf of other clients, Mr. Bolton wrote.

"And his decision to tell these stories publicly almost certainly waives any claims of executive privilege Mr. Trump might try to assert over their communications".

A vote is expected by Friday on whether to open the trial to new witnesses and evidence.

Trump denies Bolton's account. "It is surely not the last". "I'm coordinating with White House counsel".

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