'You can't trust this president': Schiff calls for Trump to be removed

Berman slams GOP senators' behavior during trial

Trump defenders haunted by past talk on impeachment

Democrats are still wasting our time - and ignoring their jobs - trying to prove that President Trump should be impeached because he abused the power of his office and because he obstructed Congress by claiming executive privilege.

Sen. Thom Tillis (R-N.C.) said the Democratic managers were "presenting the same information" on a "two-hour loop".

"Seriously? If your argument is, 'oh, I don't have to act to defend my country because someone talked too long, ' you're not-Sorry", Sen.

Earlier this week, 11 Democratic-proposed amendments to obtain evidence and subpoena witnesses in the impeachment hearings were rejected before the Senate backed a trial plan offered by the Republican majority.

In a preview of their defense filed Monday, Trump's legal team argued House Democrats failed to demonstrate that the president committed a statutory crime or violated the law.

Under the trial's organizing resolution, the House managers will wrap up their 24 hours of presenting their case today.

But all indications were that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, in coordination with the White House, will seek to stifle witness requests and bring the trial to a close with a vote to acquit Trump by the end of next week. Our coverage continues on Friday at 12:50 p.m. ET with politics reporter Evan Donovan and DC correspondent Jessi Turnure.

But the Senate, which is controlled by Trump's fellow Republicans, remains unlikely to do so.

"At the heart of Article Two, obstruction of Congress, is a simple troubling reality: President Trump tried to cheat, he got caught, and then he worked hard to cover it up", said Hakeem Jeffries, one of seven House Democrats who are serving as managers of the trial.

While Republicans appear unified so far in support of their president, Democrats hope that by detailing Trump's obstruction of their Ukraine inquiry they can convince a small faction of Republicans to ask for Bolton's testimony.

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"Hear he!" But most appear to be expecting the inevitable conclusion that the Republican majority will acquit the president and the USA politicians - and the political junkies gripped by this sometimes stupefying spectacle - can start worrying about Trump's re-election campaign.

Roughly two-thirds of Republicans who got their news exclusively from outlets with a primarily conservative audience like Fox News, Breitbart or Rush Limbaugh's radio show told pollsters in November they believed Trump withheld aid from the Ukraine to advance a USA policy to reduce corruption there, Pew said.

Schiff said Wednesday that Trump's "attempt to use the powers of the presidency to cheat in an election" shows that his "misconduct can not be decided at the ballot box-for we can not be assured that the vote will be fairly won".

Trump's Twitter meltdown does more than just shine a spotlight on his own fragility-although it certainly does do that. "You're going to hear more about that".

A harsh critic of Trump, even after the president endorsed his Senate run, Romney has never publicly declared that he would not defect on impeachment. "If you find him guilty, you must find that he be removed".

The president's legal team has called the impeachment case invalid because it doesn't name an actual crime. Trump, eyes on the audience beyond the Senate chamber, bemoaned the schedule in a morning tweet, saying "looks like my lawyers will be forced to start on Saturday, which is called Death Valley in T.V".

After that senators will face the question of whether they do, or do not, want to call witnesses to testify.

As the 100 senators sat as jurors and millions of Americans watched on television, House impeachment managers mustered scores of videos, internal documents and extensive witness testimony to lay out a strong case that the U.S. leader abused his powers.

"We're seeking the truth at a momentous time in the American republic", Schumer said.

The impeachment managers walked the senators through testimony gathered during depositions and committee hearings past year, from government officials, that they say points to a scheme by Mr Trump and his advisers to lean on Ukraine to investigate the Bidens.

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