Wuhan shutting down to curb spread of virus

Travellers wearing protective masks walk at the check-in area of the Daxing international airport in Beijing

Deadly Wuhan coronavirus outbreak reaches U.S.; infected man confirmed in Washington state

In addition, he commended the pace at which China generated the genetic sequence of the virus and made the information available to the global health community.

The Chinese epicentre of coronavirus is to shut down all of its public transport as the virus threatens to rapidly spread across the nation and overseas.

Authorities have confirmed more than 400 cases of the virus in China, a lot of them in the central city of Wuhan where the virus first appeared at the end of 2019. People who show symptoms will undergo a secondary screening to determine whether they might have some other respiratory infection - a strong possibility during cold and flu season - or need to be tested for the coronavirus.

Cases have been confirmed in 13 Chinese provinces, as well as the municipalities of Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing and Tianjin.

But the European Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (ECDC) said there were at least 295 laboratory-confirmed cases as of January 20 including cases in Thailand, Japan and South Korea as well.

Where did it start and where could it go next?

Residents are asked not to leave the city if not necessary. Travellers with additional symptoms such as fever, cough or difficulty breathing will have an additional health assessment. The patient is said to be a businesswoman who arrived from Wuhan over the weekend.

To date, there have been no confirmed cases in Singapore of the virus, which has stoked fears of a pandemic similar to the 2003 outbreak of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) that started in China and killed almost 800 people. On Tuesday, U.S. health officials confirmed the first case to have reached the country-a man who had recently travelled to the Wuhan region of China, where cases have been most common.

The health commission announced measures to curb the spread, including disinfection and ventilation at airports and bus stations as well as inside planes and trains.

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Indian school teacher first foreigner to contract SARS-like coronavirus in China
In Wuhan , where the virus began to spread, 198 cases have been reported, according to the Wuhan Municipal Health Commission. At least three other cases have surfaced outside of China, including one in Japan and two now confirmed in Thailand.

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Australia has issued a travel warning for Wuhan, asking visitors to "exercise a high degree of caution", but head coach Ante Milicic had said on Tuesday they were preparing for the trip to Wuhan.

Since then, hundreds more cases have been reported and a handful of people have died.

"We are carrying out a regular risk assessment and reviewing our level of preparedness in the event of coronavirus outbreak".

Singapore: Changi Airport is increasing surveillance on all passengers from China, rather than just those arriving from Wuhan.

First reported in China late a year ago, it was initially believed that the virus was transmitted from animals to humans, but the latest indications are that it can be transferred between humans.

Nearly 20 days later, the virus had spread to other countries through private travelling individuals whose health status had been unconfirmed. Services will remain closed until further notice, the center said.

Since the outbreak, Foxconn workers in Wuhan have been wearing facemasks and getting their temperature checked, the world's largest contract electronics manufacturer said.

"Hinihikayat ko na paigtingin ng DOH at DOTr ang kanilang mga scanning procedures sa lahat ng mga worldwide airports sa bansa, lalong lalo na 'yung merong direct flights mula mainland China, Hong Kong at Macau", he said.

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