Lebanon: More than 300 people wounded in Beirut clashes

Lebanese Security Forces Control Situation in Central Beirut After Clashes With Protesters

Lebanon: Scores injured as riots break out in Beirut

Lebanese anti-riot police dispersed stone-throwing protesters with tear gas in Lebanon's capital on January 19, as heavy rain capped a weekend of rare violence that wounded hundreds.

After the unrest pushed Hariri to quit, feuding politicians failed to agree on a new cabinet or rescue plan.

The Lebanese Red Cross said it took 65 people to hospitals and treated 100 others on the spot, calling on people to donate blood.

Security forces said they had opened a probe after a video shared online showed police beating up people believed to be protesters as they were brought to a Beirut police station.

Security officials reinforced metal barriers near the Parliament in Beirut as some of the protesters tried to scale the barriers.

A worsening economic crisis means many can not find jobs, pay for basic goods, or even withdraw their money from banks.

Smoke had enveloped a commercial district of the capital as police fired volleys of tear gas and unleashed water cannons.

Protesters rammed riot police with traffic signs, tree branches and planks, and officers used batons, water cannon and teargas to disperse them.

Lebanese protesters use laser pointers amid clashes with riot police near the parliament in central Beirut on January 19, 2020 during ongoing anti-government demonstrations.

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Witnesses in Beirut's Martyrs' Square reported multiple incidences of security forces using batons to beat unarmed demonstrators.

Earlier Sunday, security forces reinforced the metal barriers surrounding the Parliament building in central Beirut, after the worst night of violence since protests erupted several months ago.

Protesters have been demanding a technocrat government of independent ministers capable of implementing reforms and fighting against corruption.

A shortage of the United States dollars that grease the Lebanese economy has led banks to impose capital controls on both American and local currency, preventing people from withdrawing more than $300 (£230) a week and focusing popular rage on the banking system.

Zeina Ibrahim, 37, an office manager, said protesters had faced violence from police and attacks from supporters of the sectarian, dominant parties.

Lebanon needs to quickly form a new government to stop a cycle of collapse and worsening economic and security conditions, caretaker prime minister Saad Hariri tweeted on Monday.

People have turned their ire on the banks - which have curbed access to savings - with some smashing the facade of the banking association on Saturday night.

Hassan Diab, who was designated prime minister with the backing of Islamist movement Hezbollah and its allies last month, met with President Michel Aoun on Sunday.

"It's not peaceful any more because they don't want to hear us", she said.

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