Japan confirms case of new Chinese virus, spread is 'concerning'

WHO says new China virus could spread, issues warning to all hospitals

WHO says new mysterious China coronavirus linked to SARS could spread, warns hospitals worldwide

What is going on: A virus that has spread in the Chinese city of Wuhan remains isolated there, according to the SCMP. As investigations continue, the World Health Organization calls for vigorous monitoring and preventive campaigns in neighbouring countries.

On December 31, Chinese authorities briefed the World Health Organization on the Wuhan Outbreak, located 1,000 km north of Beijing in central China.

No new cases have been reported in Wuhan since Jan 3.

The outbreak has caused alarm because the new virus is from the same family as the pathogen that causes SARS, which killed 774 people worldwide, including in Taiwan.

United Kingdom hospital have been told to prepare for cases of a mystery virus that has caused a death in China.

Japanese health officials said a man who recently returned from China and was diagnosed with pneumonia also tested positive for a new coronavirus that's sickened at least 41 others in the Wuhan area and resulted in one death.

Japan's health ministry said the patient had not visited any seafood markets in China.

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Japan has confirmed its first case of infection from the new China coronavirus that has killed one person and prompted a travel alert from the USA state department.

The wife said she has not had some exposure to the marketplace. A person has also died due to this. But officials said the virus is not considered highly contagious and just passing by or talking to patients would not be a concern.

The danger of human-to-human transmission stays low, Chuang said, as countless individuals, such as medical specialists, have been in close contact with infected people and have yet to be infected themselves.

Scientists researching the new virus have released its genome sequence and stated that the new strain, while a distant relative of the SARS virus, was "unlikely to cause a widespread, deadly epidemic".

"She had been admitted on her arrival in Bangkok with a tour group, three days after she developed symptoms including fever, a sore throat and a headache", the report said. UU., Urging citizens traveling to the region to avoid contact with animals, animal markets or products of animal origin, among other precautions.

The president of the Tourism Council of Thailand told Reuters on Wednesday that about 800,000 visitors from China were expected to visit the country over the Lunar New Year holiday later this month.

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