Lev Parnas believes Joe Biden didn't do anything wrong in Ukraine

Donald Trump 'knew exactly what was going on' in Ukraine scheme: Giuliani associate

Trump "Knew Exactly" What Was Going On In Ukraine: Man Linked To Trump's Lawyer

The documents include text messages between Derek Harvey, Nunes' primary advisor, and Parnas, who appeared in 2019, apparently disclosing USA military aid to Ukraine and Trump's desire that Ukraine meet its political rival, Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, and his son Hunter Biden investigates.

Lev Parnas, an associate of Rudy Giuliani, made several potentially explosive claims in a televised interview on Wednesday night with MSNBC's Rachel Maddow.

Representative Adam Schiff, who had led the investigation and who will now lead the prosecution against Trump, said previously that Parnas "reportedly worked with Giuliani to pressure Ukraine for dirt on Trump's opponents".

"What do you think is the main inaccuracy or the main lie that's being told that you feel like you can correct?"

In one message Harvey asks Parnas, 'Any documents for us or are you going to keep working through Solomon?' In an April 12 text, Harvey says that 'Solomon needs to get me the material'. He was aware of all of my movements.

The allegations about surveillance attempt emerged on Tuesday when House Democrats released text messages and documents suggesting Lev Parnas, an associate of Giuliani, talked about tracking Yovanovitch previous year.

In text messages between Hyde and Parnas released this week, the Republican congressional hopeful claimed that he was tracking Yovanovitch through her computer and phone.

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The State Department did not respond to a list of questions about text messages, Ms. Yovanovitch's surveillance or the knowledge of Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on the matter and the role in his expulsion.

House Democrats accuse Trump of withholding millions in military aid - and a meeting between Trump and Ukrainian Prime Minister Volodymyr Zelensky - from Ukraine in exchange for an announcement of the Biden investigation.

"We are at trump with Rudy and John Salomon (sic).in private room", He wrote. He added: 'I was on the ground doing their work. A planned meeting included the former Ukrainian Attorney General Viktor Shokin, whose former Vice President Joe Biden insisted. "Or whether it is just a bravado and a fake information in the informal conversation between two United States citizens". No, I don't know him; perhaps he's a fine man, perhaps he's not; I know nothing about him.

Her recall came after a months-long effort by Trump's allies to have Yovanovitch, who was seen as blocking a possible Biden investigation, removed. "I didn't know he was so serious", Hyde said, referring to the released text messages.

In another series of texts, the Belgian number says to Hyde at 2:05 pm: "Nothing has changed, it still does not move, they are checking again today", adding briefly: "It is confirmed that we have a person inside".

So we have incoming calls that come to my office, to my cell phone, etc., etc., and you know now that he had called my cell phone.

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