Betty White Turns 98 Today!

THE PROPOSAL center from left Sandra Bullock Betty White Ryan Reynolds 2009. Ph Kerry Hayes

Betty White Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock in"The Proposal" 2009. Walt Disney Co

While Betty became a regular on "The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson", her most memorable role came in 1985, when she joined the cast of "The Golden Girls".

Happy 98th birthday for everyone Sweetheart and America's grandmother Betty White.

In addition to her numerous TV roles, White's also graced the big screen.

White was born in 1922 and made her acting debut in 1945 in the short film "Time to Kill" at the age of 23.

It should be noted that the Nigerian-born singer was born in 1959 in Ibadan, Oyo state, and has throughout her music career served as a source of inspiration to many. "Mwah!" Bullock concludes. For his part, Reynolds fake cries to the camera. She found happiness again with the "Hot in Cleveland" sitcom.

The post - which had almost 2 million views per hour - was a great tribute to the acting icon, which holds the Guinness world record for the longest TV career for a female entertainer, who had first started a variety show called "Hollywood in Television" in 1949.

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Betty, Rue and Bea respectively played Rose, Blanche and Dorothy, three friends in their twilight years living with Dorothy's mother Sophia, played by Estelle.

Happy birthday to Betty White, who is 98 years old today!

Although Bullock and Reynolds had a top bill for "The Proposal", White emerged as the real star, thanks to her distinctive scene-stealing skills. "Accentuate the positive, not the negative".

In it, he interviewed a host of celebs in their 90s and 100s including Stan Lee, Tony Bennett, Mel Brooks, Kirk Douglas, Iris Apfel and Dick Van Dyke.

She is also recognised as the first woman to produce a sitcom which was Life with Elizabeth, which contributed to her receiving the honorary title Mayor of Hollywood in 1955. Despite already being a television personality, White had not even reached the height of her fame.

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