Russia Successfully Tests Own Intranet; Disconnects From The Internet

Women use their smartphones wile walking in Moscow's subway

Russia successfully disconnected from the internet

Putin said this is a defensive measure against foreign cybersecurity threats.

Russia's plan to have its own internet comes as another step in what it touts as a broader effort to achieve self-sufficiency in technology and infrastructure.

The test results of the unplugged internet will now be presented to the Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The ministry said that the drills are aimed at ensuring the "integrity" of the internet.

In addition to testing the security of the Russian section of the internet in the event of an attack, the authorities also sought to ensure the safety of mobile users and to what extent traffic and text messages could be monitored, Sokolov said.

"The goal of the task is to ensure the reliable operation of the internet in Russian Federation in any conditions and under any circumstances", Sokolov said, adding, "our task is to make sure everything works".

"Our task is to make sure everything works". The Russian president during a press conference last week had defended the country's new internet guidelines claiming that a "free internet" and "sovereign internet" were not "mutually exclusive".

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Experts remain concerned about the trend for some countries to dismantle the internet.

One of the benefits of effectively turning all internet access into a government-controlled walled garden, is that virtual private networks (VPNs), often used to circumvent blocks, would not work.

This is especially as ICANN and key internet servers remain based in the USA and increasingly vulnerable to United States protectionist interests under Donald Trump's presidency, one that has seen the U.S. actively withdraw from global treaties and routinely attack its own allies.

The main objective of the long series of tests was to see if the RuNet system worked properly. Then, about a month and a half ago, on November 1st, the country's internet providers secured so-called deep packet inspection network equipment, in order to be able to disconnect, should the order arrive. This is all done in the interest of "national security", and once invoked, the Russian government doesn't need to say much more.

However, many internet rights activists have raised concerns about the new trend of some countries creating their internet that could lead to online isolation.

In Iran, the National Information Network allows access to web services while policing all content on the network and limiting external information. The content is provided for informational purposes only.

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