Several Steelers wear 'Free Pouncey' sweatshirts before Browns game

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Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield is expected to play against the Bengals on Sunday despite bruising his right throwing hand in Sunday's loss to Pittsburgh, coach Freddie Kitchens said Monday.

Following the indefinite suspension of Browns defensive end Myles Garrett after he hit Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph with his helmet during a fight in the first matchup, the game seemed certain to feature some animosity. Robinson will miss Sunday's pivotal game in Pittsburgh due to a concussion. Kitchens commented on it, saying he'd wear it again.

Following the game, a few players on the Steelers blasted the head coach for his shirt. "But when you have certain people wearing certain shirts and they know they have them on, c'mon, man, be professional".

However, the Browns put forth a lackluster effort and lost to the Steelers 20-13. Of course it's going to motivate us. The disappointing Browns have made several off-the-field headlines this year and this was just the latest one.

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As you might expect, Kitchens said he did not think his shirt had anything to do with Sunday's loss.

"Listen, the t-shirt didn't have anything to do with us..."

The Steelers moved to 7-5 with the win, while the Browns fell to 5-7. While it may have just been a T-shirt, Kitchens should have listened to his own advice and known better as someone in his position than to give a rival extra incentive - especially considering the historical struggles the Browns have had with the Steelers. "He gave a great answer, saying 'I've done much worse.' amusing, and struck the right note", she tweeted.

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