Baby Yoda Has Broken the Internet Again, This Time with Soup

Baby Yoda Merch, Flying Stormtroopers & 'The Rise of Skywalker' Hints

Baby Yoda's universal appeal has taken the world by storm, but no toys for Christmas 2019

Before you get your fill of Baby Yoda in Episode 4 of Star Wars: The Mandalorian, or before you watch the chapter a second time, check out this terrific Thanksgiving Instagram post from series creator/writer Jon Favreau! Still, since there are now "no updates" from Lucasfilm on his next Star Wars endeavor, the sliver of hope that he could direct the Disney+ series in the future is still there. Here's hoping Baby Yoda matches up. The reason for this might be they all were mesmerizing the baby Yoda's cuteness. 'All part of the mystery, ' adding that the name Baby Yoda was 'very clear'.

The dumber the song choice the funnier this meme gets because you imagine Baby Yoda is really into these music choices.

This episode is much more grounded in reality and felt more like a TV show than the movies, but we never would have had this amount of time dedicated to a single village. Even The Mandalorian co-star Werner Herzog reportedly fell for Baby Yoda, insisting that the production use a puppet instead of CGI and treating it like a living thing on set.

Not much, given that he's essentially a baby (he does some stuff but that's a spoiler).

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So it's complicated, but from what we see in the show he's an orphan who was taken in by a group of space warriors known as Mandalorians, who come from their home world of the planet Mandalore.

It's no surprise that modders will start their own tributes to Baby Yoda earlier or later. Take a look at some examples. For example, one tweeted: "So @disney just dropped baby yoda merch and all of it sucks". Oh well. Enjoying baby Yoda while he's here will still be enough.

Disney+ dropped episode four of its newest original series The Mandalorian.

Sounds expensive to subscribe to another streaming platform, I already have Netflix. Some suspect that The Child, as he is often referred to in the show, will die, be killed, or simply not make it to the Season 1 finale. This doesn't include memes, GIFs or other content so it is predicted that Yoda's "reach is probably far wider".

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