Trump ignores Pentagon advice and intervenes in military war crimes cases

President Donald Trump speaks during an event on healthcare prices in the Roosevelt Room of the White House Friday Nov. 15 2019 in Washington

Donald Trump pardons three soldiers in war crimes cases

Last week CNN reported that after Army and Navy leaders were surprised by media reports that the President might intervene in the three cases, they called a meeting with Esper.

"It was an incredible honor", Golsteyn added, praising Trump's "incredible display of courage".

"It sends a clear message of disrespect for the law, morality, the military justice system, and those in the military who abide by the laws of war", the NBC news quoted ACLU as saying.

The White House statement said Trump believes in providing second chances to service members.

Golsteyn received word of his pardon from Trump, who spoke with him by telephone for several minutes, Golsteyn's attorney Phillip Stackhouse said in a statement. Mathew Golsteyn, a previous Green Beret accused of killing a suspected bomb-maker while deployed to Afghanistan.

A Pentagon spokesperson stated the Division of Protection has confidence within the navy justice system.

Gallagher was found not guilty of murdering an ISIS fighter in Iraq in 2017 but was convicted for posing in a photo with a dead ISIS fighter.

He declined to provide extra details but reported, "I do have total assurance in the military justice technique, and we'll allow things engage in out as they play out".

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Co-host Pete Hegseth praised Lorance's comments to the president as "well said", while an emotional Earhardt concluded by thanking the convicted war criminal for "serving our country" and co-host Steve Doocy agreed that the story makes him want to cry.

"Under the Constitution, the president has the power to grant pardons for federal offenders - that authority extends to military court-martial proceedings", read the statement.

"One soldier fired two shots at three men who were riding a motorcycle".

Esper said US forces "are trained from day one about the laws of armed conflict and how to conduct themselves during wartime" and stressed they will behave accordingly.

In court, some said they had started carrying weapons to defend themselves against possible attacks. Golsteyn was accused of killing the bomb-maker who was responsible for killing two U.S. Marines. "In the meantime, we are so thankful for the support of family members, friends and supporters from around the nation, and our legal team". He said he did it to save the man from being tortured by Iraqi soldiers. With time, I hope to regain my vast pride in having served in our military. Gallagher had been acquitted of murder and other serious charges in July 2019.

"Mathew is a highly decorated Green Beret who is being tried for killing a Taliban bombmaker", he said.

In Lorance's case, nine members of his unit testified against him, including some under immunity. He was subsequently demoted from chief petty officer to first-class petty officer, before Trump's intervention in the case on Friday. Lorance ordered his soldiers to open fire towards the three unarmed Afghan men in July 2012.

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