Philippines reports first case of lung injury from e-cigarettes

Indiana reports fourth vaping related death

US Smoking Rate Hits New Low, But Vaping Rises

"To put into context, each percentage point improvement in vascular function results in a 13% reduction in cardiovascular event rates such as heart attack". This represents a significant improvement in vascular health. Adults who do not now use tobacco products should not start using e-cigarettes. The first is always to consider a reaction to e-cigarettes in someone presenting with an atypical respiratory illness.

But for "chronic" tobacco smokers - those who have smoked at least 15 cigarettes a day for two years - switching resulted in an nearly immediate benefit. "I urge non-users not to even try e-cigarettes at all", Domingo said.

The message from United Kingdom officials remains that while not without harm, vaping remains far safer than smoking but that non-smokers should not vape.

"What makes e-cigarettes so harmful to the heart and lungs is not just nicotine, " said Rader in a press release.

"Just because e-cigarettes may be less harmful than tobacco doesn't mean they are completely safe".

Earlier this week cardiologists said action must be taken to prevent an entire generation becoming addicted to nicotine, as they published separate research suggesting vaping could damage the brain, heart, blood vessels and lungs.

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Since their debut in 2004, electronic cigarettes or e-cigarettes have steadily grown in popularity. "There is no situation where it would be better for your health to continue smoking rather than switching completely to vaping", said the PHE on Twitter. We know they contain significantly fewer of the harmful chemicals, which can cause diseases related to smoking, but we still don't know the long term impact on the heart and circulation, or other aspects of health.

Last week, the agency revealed the chemical Vitamin E Acetate could be causing these injuries when it's mixed with THC.

"The blunting of stress-induced increase of coronary blood flow associated with chronic e-cig use in humans is consistent with what is being seen in other vascular systems, in animals, and after acute use: endothelial dysfunction at the level of (or exceeding) that of combustible cigarette use", commented Matthew Springer, PhD, of the University of California, San Francisco, who was not involved in the research.

Meanwhile, Scotland's Public Health Minister, Joe FitzPatrick MSP, said, "I welcome the publication of this report, which contributes to the ongoing debate about the place of e-cigarettes in our communities".

"Many patients express that they wish they did not have access to tobacco products", said Christine Fardellone, a certified tobacco treatment specialist at Northwell Health's Center for Tobacco Control in Great Neck, N.Y.

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