Disney+ Hit 10 Million Subscribers 1 Day After Launching

Disney+ content warning: Disney Plus streaming service puts warnings for

Disney Plus hits 10M subscribers in 1 day

That's nothing to sneeze at, but it's also worth noting that Disney has no plans to release ratings for their Disney+ originals, either.

"This gives Disney the rights to titles that the younger generation might consider "classic" like X-Men and The Simpsons".

Disney and Warner Bros. did not respond to requests for comment.

It may be hard to put that number in context over a lifetime, but that's well over three times the current median annual income in the US of about $31,000.

Cost and Availability of Disney+. However, of all these devices, Apple TV is the most advantageous. Tech Advisor detailed how Apple users managed to stream Disney+ shows from the UK. "While these cartoons do not represent today's society, they are being presented as they were originally created, because to do otherwise would be the same as claiming these prejudices never existed".

Disney+ numbers have been boosted by a promotion from Verizon Communications offering a free one-year subscription to Disney+.

Still, that's not to say Disney Plus isn't a significant draw by itself.

Disney is one of the biggest entertainment enterprises in the world, yet according to the survey, Australians appear uninformed and disinterested in its new streaming service.

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So far, Disney execs have not been clear on when or how their "rotation" will work in relation to other streaming services.

This includes shows like The Handmaid's Tale, Catch-22, and The Runaways. However what is showed below isn't even half of what will be available. The service has already exceeded expectations after a single day however.

One controversial film users won't find on Disney+ is "Song of the South", the 1946 film that has been criticized for its depictions of African Americans.

Despite a glitchy launch, Disney+ seems like a hit.

Customers outside of supported areas will be forced to either pirate The Mandalorian or wait for Disney+ to roll out in their region. Disney asked for patience and said it was working hard to fix the issues.

A representative said that the series was only available on the Disney+ service.

While fans in the United States have already begun enjoying the new streaming platform, Kiwi fans will have to wait patiently until the site goes live here on November 19.

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