The World's First Mammoth Traps are Found in Mexico

Mammoth skeletons and 15,000-year-old human-built traps found in Mexico

Wide Traps Set for Woolly Mammoths Believed Found in Tultepec, Me

But these are not the first mammoth bones discovered in Mexico.

Tultepec already has a Mammoth Museum that has an nearly complete mammoth skeleton discovered back in 2016 on display.

Even more excitingly, the team believes that this stash is the oldest known example of a mammoth trap or ambush, set by our ancestors over 14,000 years ago.

Mexico's National Institute of Anthropology and History announced Wednesday that it had verified the remains of the extinct giants that date back over 15,000 years.

The discovery "represents a watershed, a turning point in what we until now imagined to be the interaction between hunter-gatherers with these huge herbivores", Diego Prieto Hernández, director of the institute, said in a statement.

Thus far 824 mammoth bones have been discovered on the site, situated in the San Antonio Xahuento district. Once the animal was separated, they would coax it into the human-built traps, kill it and then use it for food and other purposes. Radar surveys of surrounding mammoth grave sites could reveal the presence of similar traps.

The Tultepec site, by contrast, offers "evidence of direct attacks on mammoths", Luis Córdoba Barradas, the leader of the excavation, told reporters, according to the Guardian's Jo Tuckman.

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The massive beasts would be pushed into the traps by 20-30 hunters, armed with spears and flaming torches, before they were butchered.

Some of the bones showed signs of butchery.

Archeologists found evidence that the mammoths' rib bones were used to cut the meat, the internal organs were also eaten, and that the reason why some mammoth skulls were found upside down is because hunters also consume the animal's tongue, which weighed around 12 kilograms.

Woolly mammoth's roamed the Earth tens of thousands of years ago and survived the last ice age .

It was unclear if plans for the garbage dump would proceed.

Further research is needed to determine whether there are more mammoth traps nearby.

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