Trump To Pelosi: Your Impeachment Subpoenas Have No Legal Authority

Trump-Ukraine inquiry: Democrats demand documents from White House - - Hot news from Armenia

New whistleblower comes forward

A parade of USA diplomats will head to Capitol Hill for closed-door testimony as Democrats build their impeachment case against President Donald Trump, while the White House considers ways to slow down the process.

There is a clear partisan split in the results, but 28 percent of Republicans said they support the House impeachment investigation - a 21-point jump from a Washington Post/ABC News poll in July - and 18 percent of Republicans want the House to "vote to remove Trump from office".

The grounds for impeachment are sketchy, to say the least, and revolve around the word of a whistleblower whose allegations were based on secondhand information (hearsay) and who is allegedly against the president.

Progressive activists have been credited for keeping the heat on lawmakers to hold Trump accountable for his misconduct, and advocacy groups are continuing to mobilize to ensure House Democrats follow through with their inquiry.

Sondland, a hotelier from Seattle, is a political appointee who was a major donor to Trump's 2016 presidential campaign. As such, if the House passes articles of impeachment that appear to be nothing more than a politically motivated effort to oust the president, the Senate should seriously consider delaying the trial or immediately dismissing the case upon motion by the president's legal team. This has occurred within Congress as well.

Hynes' remark comes as Perry becomes the latest administration official drawn into inquiries in a House impeachment probe of Trump.

The Constitution states the House has the sole power of impeachment, and that the Senate has the sole power to conduct impeachment trials.

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Then there is also the nature of the charges themselves. When Pelosi, D-Calif., announced the inquiry last month, she claimed the Trump administration violated the law by preventing a whistleblower report on Trump's July 25 call with Ukraine's president from being transmitted to Congress.

"In light of Secretary Pompeo's direct intervention to block your appearance before our committees, we are left with no choice but to compel your appearance at a deposition pursuant to the enclosed subpoena", Schiff, Engel and Cummings wrote in a letter to Sondland.

Regarding public perceptions of how Congress is handling the inquiry, the Washington Post poll details that the American people are displeased with the GOP, while more ambivalent about the Democrats.

Among other issues Sekulow outlined with the impeachment inquiry, he accused the House of not respecting executive privilege. There's also a generation gap - 40 percent of Republicans age 18-39 back the impeachment investigation versus 23 percent of those 40-64 and 13 percent of Republicans 65 and older.

The Democrats are set to depose several witnesses linked to the president.

In contrast, Americans support the Democrat's handling of impeachment by a 49-44 percent margin. This shows that while the Democratic House has some leeway with voters, they must move quickly and continue producing deliverables that keep the public invested in the issue.

Democrats say that no formal House vote is needed because the impeachment process is in its earliest stages, equivalent to gathering evidence for an indictment.

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