Google Chrome Can Now Warn If Passwords Have Been Compromised

Google Password Checkup

Google's Password Manager Now Warns About Compromised Accounts

The change password links opens the linked URL; you have to figure out how to change the password on the site manually at that point.

Google added that all user information it cross-references with breached passwords is encrypted to protect user privacy. If the extension finds a match, it will warn the user and suggest that they reset their password. According to The Harris Poll, 66% of Americans admit to using the same weak password across multiple sites, which could be detrimental if just one of these accounts is compromised. But Google will now include the feature in its password manager app. Earlier, the Password Checkup feature was available as a voluntary add-on. Currently, the feature is already available in Chrome Canary, the Chrome version where the company tests features before they enter the Chrome Beta and Chrome Stable release cycle. Simply put, the extension was able to caution users about using unique and hard to guess passwords. The feature works in collaboration with autofill, which is also gaining momentum for groups that share that problem with me. When you select the "Check passwords" button, the Password Checkup tool will analyze your saved passwords and tells you if any of your passwords have been compromised in a third-party breach, how many reused passwords you are using, and which passwords are considered weak.

Being promoted from an Extension to an in-built feature that will work alongside Chrome's Password Manager means the feature will now offer a much better precautionary warning system that would work preemptively.

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Google's push towards improving password security is part of the company's broader plan of bolstering the security of its entire service.

Sharing credentials for accounts perceived as low-risk, like Netflix or Hulu, is also a fuck-up, particularly in the event that the password for such an account is similar to or the same as that of another account. Google accounts often sit at the center of this web of personal accounts since most people use a Gmail address to register on most of their online services.

When hackers attacked the website RootsWeb in 2015, they escaped with almost 300,000 email addresses and unencrypted passwords. Using the same password across several websites make their job very easy.

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