Yemen's Houthi rebels release hundreds of detainees

Yemeni Houthis broadcast video showing major attack near Saudi border

Yemen rebels claim capture of Saudi troops in ‘major attack’

The Houthi attackA recent article reports: "The Houthis' military spokesman said in a statement that three "enemy military brigades had fallen" in the attack, which he said was launched 72 hours ago and supported by the group's drone, missile and air defense units".

"The 350 prisoners. are included in the prisoner lists of the Sweden deal", he said.

The leader of Yemen's Houthi rebels has met with United Nations envoy Martin Griffiths in the capital Sanaa to discuss reviving peace talks to end the country's four-year-old stalemated war.

Saudi Arabia has yet to the respond to the claims, and there has been no independent verification.

Abdul-Qader el-Murtaza, a rebel official in charge of prisoners' affairs, called on the pressure the Saudi-led coalition to "take a similar step" and free its detainees in the war.

Yemeni Houthi rebels on Monday released at least 290 detainees from a prison in the capital, Sanaa, as part of an UN-brokered prisoner exchange agreement between the rebels and Yemen's Saudi-backed government.

"Tension in the area will finish, and it'll prevent Saudi Arabia's prestige being further ruined", he explained.

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Yemeni Houtis announced on September 29 that they had carried out a "major assault" on Saudi Arabian-led coalition, claiming to have killed over 200 of their soldiers, other than annihilating military vehicles.

The Houthis, who control most major urban areas, said on September 20 they would halt missile and drone attacks on Saudi Arabia if the alliance stopped its operations.

"Their media is deceptive, it creates events, it tries to misguide public opinion inside Yemen, regionally and internationally", Colonel Turki al-Malki said at a news conference in Riyadh. But the arrangement has been stalled as the sides struggled to agree on implementation.

The United Nations' special envoy for Yemen, Martin Griffiths, welcomed the initiative to "unilaterally release detainees".

He called on all parties to work together to speed up the release of prisoners, saying they and their families had "endured profound pain and suffering".

The civil war has also triggered the world's worst humanitarian disaster, with thousands of civilians dying from preventable causes, including malnutrition, disease and poor health.

The attacks, if verified, would be a remarkable show of force inside Saudi Arabia and mark another embarrassment for the kingdom, after its US-made Patriot missile defence system failed to protect two Saudi Aramco oil sites from an attack by drones and cruise missiles earlier this month.

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