Rising River Level Causes Floods as Karen Bears Down Puerto Rico

Large earthquake hits off Puerto Rico's coast as Tropical Storm Karen closes in

Puerto Rico braces for flooding, landslides from Karen

Karen regained tropical storm strength Tuesday morning after slipping to a tropical depression.

Facilities at the Virgin Islands National Park were closed Monday and Tuesday in anticipation of the storm and won't reopen until port and weather conditions permit, a statement from the agency said.

Currently, the tropical storm is located 310 miles southwest of the southernmost Cabo Verde Islands.

NHC forecaster Robbie Berg said despite some dry air getting caught in Karen's circulation, it's unclear why the 45-mph storm is having trouble staying organized. Forecast models deal poorly with slow forward motion and storms that stop moving, which is also a possibility over this weekend.

Tropical Storm Karen, which was headed north into open water Wednesday, is expected to perform a loop de loop, cross back over its own track and swing west toward the Bahamas and Florida.

However, search efforts have been delayed as the Virgin Islands brace for Tropical Storm Karen hitting later on Tuesday.

Earlier this week, Karen had affected Puerto Rico as the island attempted to deal with a series of earthquakes and aftershocks which rocked the country.

The natural disaster comes as the area gets ready for Tropical Storm Karen which is expected to drench Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands Tuesday, causing possible flooding and mudslides. This general motion is expected to continue this Wednesday morning. Category 3, Category 4 and Category 5 storms are all labeled "major" hurricanes.

Large earthquake hits off Puerto Rico's coast as Tropical Storm Karen closes in
Tropical Storm Karen Will Hit Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands Today

Sebastian might not ever see Tropical Storm Karen.

Irish Weather Online experts said that Tropical Storm Jerry, which is now in the Caribbean, could be arriving on our shores at the weekend. Forecasters say Jerry could cause life-threatening rip currents off the coast of Bermuda early Wednesday.

Probably the most damaging natural disaster to hit Puerto Rico in current historical past occurred in October 1918, when a magnitude-7.three quake struck close to the island's northwest coast, inflicting a tsunami and killing 116 individuals. Temperatures rise into the low 90s for most of us with variable winds 3-8 miles per hour.

Authorities in Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands reported a downed bridge, limited power outages, flooding and landslides as Tropical Storm Karen swirled away from the northeast Caribbean on Wednesday.

Elsewhere, Tropical Storm Jerry weakened a little Tuesday as it edged closer to Bermuda. It has maximum sustained winds of 50 miles per hour and was moving north at 7 miles per hour.

Tropical Storm Karen has refused to intensify since leaving Puerto Rico, and newest data suggests the storm may dissipate entirely before ever becoming a threat to Florida.

Tropical Storm Karen has maximum sustained winds of 45 miles per hour (75 km/h), with higher gusts. Karen's winds are now moving at 45 miles per hour.

In a statement shared on Facebook, the Virgin Islands National Park St John said staff members found "no sign" of Lucy Schuhmann, 48, on Monday.

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